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Hidden Markov Model

Hidden Markov Model I will try to do 2 small projects every month. I want to start with HMMs because it is quite easy to implement and a prerequisite knowledge for understanding machine learning topics. Objective: Build a simple HMM … Continue reading

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Theory vs Programming

Now I realize that I am too busy to finish all things that I have planned in this semester. I have planned to do study harder for some classes such as Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Informatics, Software 3, Robot Intelligence. I … Continue reading

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8 puzzle A star

Edit: I was completely wrong. After watching the AI’s lectures from UCB, now I know about admissible heuristics function and the trade-off. This classic problem is very interesting. I think if one can solve all of its aspects, he will … Continue reading

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I was very grateful for Robotech to offer a very useful introductory session about GIT-Software version control yesterday. Because the lecture was entirely in Japanese, so I didn’t understand many things, and I believe neither Japanese did if it was their first time. I spend about 2 or 3 hours learning it from yesterday at home and now I basically can say I know how to use GIT.

It is a really good practice, because it will definitely will be helpful in the future.

Here is my respiratory:

I hope before graduation, I will be able to build an abundant respiratory.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OpenCV-Newest Version on Ubuntu 12.04/10.04 (32bit)

OpenCV2.3.1 can be installed very easily by typing: However, if you need the latest version, you should following those step: 1. Make sure to remove everything inside folder ~/src (if existed) in your computer by typing 2. Copy the following script … Continue reading

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Computer Graphics Report

Computer Graphics Report Computer Graphics is the first class I’ve taken in Computer Science department (情報理工). I think classes from Science’s departments provide much more insightful knowledge than Engineering’s ones. Overview About Report: Finished Problems: 1,2,3,5 Execute environment: Ubuntu … Continue reading

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Self Organizing Map- RGB Visualization

I wrote this code 3 months ago, it was quite easy but fun. This is the first implementation I have ever done using Neural Network. Language: C++ API: OpenGL Library: armadilo (linear algebra library) IDE: Eclipse CDT I will probably … Continue reading

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