“Not having enough time”, really?

How do you explain your failure? I always blame myself first, others later if any. However, I have come to realize that the most common reason people use to explain their failures is the lack of time. I do not have enough time to study because of my hectic work schedule. I spend too much time on club activity so that I cannot pass the exam. The deadline for applying the scholarship is looming, I do not have time to write a reasonable SOP. I have heard similar things so many time.

Do we really not have enough time to do what we want? I do not think so. I think it is merely a lame excuse. I believe most people have complete control over their schedules, the inability of managing them leads to failures, not the lack of time.

I wanted to master my English skills back in high school, but I only managed to acquire a decent grammar and a limited vocabulary. Even though I was truly busy learning mathematics, I still have a plenty of time to play. The reason is not the shortage of time, but because I could not sacrifice the playing time for English. I guess I could not realize the importance of English at that time, and playing is obviously more enjoyable.

I have been editing some writings for a friend who is applying for a master scholarship. That is not a hard task for me any more, I actually enjoy it. However, I hope she could have taken more time to write the first and only draft, which was clumsy, diffuse and inarticulate. She told me she was too busy at work, the reason I cannot take any more. She knew she would have to apply for a scholarship years ago. She knew how important studying abroad is for her career. I have not once reminded her to practice English. Nonetheless, she has not spent time on improving her English skills, especially writing. She could not manage to spend around 10, 20 hours more to write her LORs or SOP. She is going to learn about management, but I truly hope she will be able to manage her time better first.

Managing time well is a challenging task, which I am not a master at all. I just want to stress the fact that we control time, not the way around. Our failures should be on US, not on TIME.

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