HTC Worst Warranty or Customer Service Ever

After buying hundreds or even thousands of products for years, I have a fair amount of chances to utilize warranty or after services from various companies. However, HTC is definitely the worst one, which has a lengthy after service process, but more shockingly, it doesn’t trust its customers at all. The quality of HTC’s products is quite decent, but its customer service makes me laugh and I will definitely never purchase anything expensive from HTC every again.

The story begins when I bought my nexus 9 3 months ago as my nexus 7 was broken. It was good for a few days and I enjoyed it very much. However, the nexus 9 starts to get hot at the back near the camera when I surf the internet. I have to kill my browser and Wifi and leave it for a while to make it cool down.It is also a known issue according to this.!topic/nexus/KOsz8Y8GLxg. The problem wasn’t the serious, so I tolerate it for around 3 months. However, it definitely happened more frequently month after month.

2 weeks ago, my Google apps stop and I couldn’t even hit the factory reset button. I made up my mind and call HTC customer service to report this as well as the heating problem. After explaining to the operator what happened, she kindly guided me to do factory reset by safe boot and my HTC was healthy again. The resolution turned out to be very simple, just update the google service app. However, I still want to get rid of the heating problem so I consult her about that. Instead of trying everything possible to find out the root cause for her customer, I feel that she wanted to discard my concern and stop me from using the warranty. She first warned me that it would take about 2 weeks until I get my nexus back, regardless of the problem. She also “kindly” reminded me that if it was found that I was the one at fault, I will be charged accordingly. After thinking through, I decided to proceed and use the warranty service since I know if the heating problem will gradually slow down my nexus and eventually kill it.

I was asked to choose a day for my nexus 9 to be taken to HTC and it was Thursday 9/10. However, I received an email on Wednesday saying that 9/10 was impossible and I have to reply right away if I want 9/11, otherwise, it will be way later than that. I finally changed it to 9/17 since I’d be on a business trip from 9/13 to 9/16. Strangely, I got a phone call on 9/12 from a deliver, who later came and take my nexus 9. I thought it is a good sigh as they came earlier than my expectation. It gets even more weird when I was waken up at 9/17 morning and asked to give my nexus 9 again my another delivery guy. I told him it was collected last week already and this must be a mistake. He quickly left and I feel very sorry for myself to be waken up at the next morning of my 4 days business trip :(. At this point, my hope was still quite high and I did not even think or worry about it.

Yesterday, I got an email from HTC which states that my nexus 9 didn’t have a single problem and it’d be returned to me as it is if I had . It said that my nexus 9 has been tested and no heating issue was found. It then blamed me for making my nexus 9 hot due to my usage like playing game, updating software or multitasking. That is it, no more questions, no more investigations. This is just ignorant and stupid. I already told the operator that I was using only chrome when my nexus 9 got hot. It happened even after factory reset, when there’s no apps installed in my nexus 9. I wanted to say to her I even do not play games, but probably she wouldn’t care or believe anyway. I do not know how the hell my nexus 9 was tested in HTC lab, but my guess was that they run some standard app, putting it to a cool room. HTC does not care how I was using it, it just simply states it is my fault to make the nexus 9 hot.

Reading the above email when traveling with my friend, I was in no mood to reply. A day later, I got a phone call from HTC’s operator, she quickly asked me if I agree to get my nexus 9 back and my answer was “仕方ないでしょう、はい” which means “I have no choice, right? OK, yes. “. Given my unsatisfying emotion, an operator from Amazon or Apple would definitely ask more to offer me more choices and help. However, predictably the HTC’s operator simply politely apologize in Japanese way, which normally just a procedure, and hang up.

I always consider myself as a lucky person since all expensive products I bought either work fine all the time or get covered by warranty services. It is certainly not the case anymore. I was really jealous when seeing one of my friend play with his Experia Z3 and I understandably wish I bought that one in the first place. The most important message I want to convey is that, think twice about buying a HTC product. Do you want to buy something costly without a decent warranty service? For me, the answer is pretty damn simple, NO!

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